Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16th

Hello! We got the transfer results, and Elder Davies and I are going to stay together again in the Cambridge 1st Ward! This will be our third transfer together, and Elder Davies has been here since December 31st, so that's pretty crazy that we are both still here. It's awesome at the same time though- we have been privileged to see a bunch of blessings in the missionary work here with our ward! We are both hoping we can continue to improve, and we have a bunch of people that we are teaching or have found to teach lately. Hopefully we can find those opportunities to serve people and better the community here. Sometimes it's hard to remember that success isn't necessarily determined by a spectacular number of positive results we see, when there are so many steps that must be taken before fruit can be produced. Planting seeds of faith can be tough when you don't think anyone wants to listen to what you say, or that your efforts might be wasted, but those seeds can stick with people and continue to grow- until they grow into a tree that produces amazing fruit. I have usually applied this analogy to only myself (from Alma Ch. 32 in the Book of Mormon), but now it helps me realize that other people may be in the middle of this same process, and that something I have said may have planted that seed. It is comforting because even when we don't see someone enjoying the "fruit" that we have found and tasted of, the planting of the seeds becomes more meaningful if we look at it as a growth process. This brings me comfort! Love you all, hope everything is going well. Patience is a Godly attribute!

Elder Crandell

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