Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th

Work in Boston is going really well! I've had a bunch of great teaching experiences:
We taught a young couple named Josh and Kara, who have been taking the missionary lessons for 9 weeks now. Very long time! Kara seems almost ready to accept it, but Josh is very intellectual and has to have everything explained to him even though he doesn't have faith in the smallest things. We teach him with another member that is also very smart, but honestly I think it's kind of a show that Josh puts on. We are working on getting him to the point where he will look to the scriptures on his own.
Taught a man named David Dixon (a different David than the one from Arizona). He is an ex- Marine, and pretty strong guy. He was curious about what he needs in his life, and how he can know truth for himself. We taught him about the restoration, and he kept asking "how can I know if something is true?" because he says he doesn't trust his feelings. So I told him that he can base his testimony on reason, feelings, and experiences from experimenting on the word. He liked that approach for some reason, and accepted a B.O.M. to read and pray about.
We have more people that we teach, but I don't have enough time. Love you all, and hope all is going well for you!
Elder Crandell

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