Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd

I'm officially a mishkimary, preachin' the gopsel! (inside joke with the fam). I'm here in Boston, Mass. More specifically in a city called Cambridge. It's just crazy exciting here; Elder Davies and I have an apartment all to ourselves. Our address is on the letter, but hopefully you already received that in the email I sent.

The weather here is terrible. I think they have declared a state of emergency for all of the New England area. It's raining constantly, flooding, cold, and miserable. But the work must go on! Tracting in the rain is fun.

This letter might have random topics/requests in it, I apologize. For example, the four temple names included were still in one of my suit pockets. Enjoy!

-We meet/visit/teach a blind member named Herby once a week. He is hilarious, has some edgy jokes, feeds us plenty of hot dogs, ad has unlimited ice cream. A;sp teaches us to put ice cream in hot cocoa- it's pretty good. So we'll visit, maybe have a meal, and share a lesson or principles from a lesson. I wish you could meet him; he's awesome.
-A black guy that's usually riding on the trains or standing in the stations calls us missionaries "white devils" in a not-so-friendly tone. We see him quite a bit. I wonder what he's say to a black missionary...
-The ward that I'm in is the same ward that had (some) members wearing a rainbow button to church in support of the gay marriage propositions. Perfect- I love controversy!
-I've had rice three times this week from members, no joke. But the rest of the food has usually made up for it. I miss not eating a ton of whatever I wanted at the MTC, but I'm gettin' by here.
-I always need to pee here for some reason
-Someone text Brooks and tell him I accidentally picked up a newspaper called Bay Windows; it's slogan is "Serving New England's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities." And it's free to pick up, so I can read it anytime! Haha JK
-Shower here has plenty of hot water. Yay!

I love you all, and I miss you terribly! Tell Toby and Tootsie that I miss them, too!

Love, Elder Crandell

P.S. Read Alma 26: 23-30. I am working on bearing my afflictions with patience as I teach people, so that I may experience this. Excellent chapter!

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  1. Haha he would love controversies...I bet he'll get really good at dealing with them with still having the spirit present! Haha looks like he's doing well, and keeping a good attitude! :)