Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th

The first transfer period of my mission is complete. Six weeks already! I've learned so much already, it's crazy. Everything's coming naturally now, and the area and ward already feel like home.

We have had some awesome experiences this week!

- Sandra came to church with her two daughters, Korrina and Paula. As if that wasn't enough of a miracle, she also accepted a baptismal invitation, and agreed to work with us towards being baptized on June 5th! We have been very surprised by how much of a change we have already seen in her, it's crazy. Hopefully we can continue meeting with her twice a week.

- We taught Garth, the very intellectual guy with a strong background in ethics and philosophy. He said that he had been "in a funk" the week before, and then he had a "Christian kick" by praying and feeling better. He says that even though he did this, that it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a God. He believes that it is healthy for man to be humble and to confess their feelings to somebody, and that the feelings from prayer can be attributed to this healing effect from believing that someone out there is listening to us. He is a very difficult investigator, because he refuses to believe that the feelings that he has are the result of anything but his own self. He does see something different in us, so hopefully we can work with him.

- Jude came to church, and he has been coming to church activities during the week. He's a great kid; we have basketball scheduled on Saturday that the young men's leader is putting on to kind of bring Jude to us so we can teach him more. The ward is doing awesome in helping us to fellowship him!

- David, the Marine, comes back into town on Saturday. He says that he wants to keep learning more.

- We taught a man named Yusif, who is a Muslim from England. He was a media referral, and said he was interested in hearing about the Book of Mormon. Really funny guy with a funny accent! He was more interested in just learning about the LDS church, but I think he was impressed when we taught the Restoration to him. He might not call back, but at least we left him with a B.O.M. and a good impression.

- Met a man named Frank, and it was the best experience of the week! We were going door to door on Monday, and we knocked on his door. He was really, really unusual: not only was he polite to us, he also let us come into his home and share our message. (This was the first time that we have ever been invited into a person's home right off the bat.) He grew up in the Dominican Republic, and he had family members who were LDS growing up. After we had talked for a bit, he told us that his sister had died, and asked us if we knew whether or not he was going to see her again. The Spirit was so strong when we told him that he would see his sister again, and that he could live with his family forever. We are going back again this week!

The rest of the people we are teaching either have finals this week or are too busy to meet. Should be able to meet back up soon. We have seen miracles in our area, and we have so many people that we are teaching now. Things have definitely been picking up for us, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to find so many people that have been prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm learning so much, nobody would recognize me anymore. The mission is awesome! I love you all, stay strong and be safe.


Elder Crandell

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