Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27, 2010

I love the MTC. My district is way good, my zone is fantastic, and the teachers have really helped me. I just want to get to Boston. Only 5 days left! I love you all. Thanks for the hilarious package and scriptures, you know I love doing that! Brooks, I haven't eaten very much cereal, but I have almost always gotten 3 glasses of milk/chocolate milk at every meal. I'm also influencing others to do the same now that I have zone leader status. Unrighteous dominion- it's the beyst! ("best" in Nacho voice)

Donelle, your letter was amazing. Content, art, length, everything was good. I'll look for your friend on the plane cause that will probably be my flight!

Well, love you all. Write me back quick, or write when I'm in Boston! 5 more days....

I love the gospel, and I love serving other missionaries. We are in a war with a cunning foe, so let's help those who are a little behind in preparation to put on the pieces of the Armor of God that they are missing. And yes, Satan comes after missionaries, I can definitely see that. But we have a whole arm of angels behind us, and Christ walking beside us. So don't worry about me; my testimony has been strengthened, even though I have had some doubts. I love you all!

-Elder Crandell
Mason Rhett Crandell #3

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