Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th

Hello family and friends! I'm here in Boston, serving in the city. My companion is Elder Davies, a great guy from Orem, Utah. It's has been a huge change from Arizona. The people aren't as kind as they are in Arizona- not even close. I have gotten some very rude responses to my street contacting, it's pretty crazy. One old woman told me "We aren't having this conversation", which was pretty messed up. Another man told me that if I gave him anything, he would "Burn that %$@&"... you can guess what he said there. And there are a ton of people out here who say they are atheist, but I'm pretty sure that's just to shut us up... one guy said he was atheist, even though he was wearing a cross around his neck. Gotta love these people!
But in all honesty, there are awesome people here. I've talked to hundreds of people already, one of the benefits to living in the city. You see every type of person where I'm serving. I've had some great street contacting experiences that have definitely overshadowed the negative experiences.
Our ward, Cambridge 1st Ward, meets in an old boiler factory that was turned into a chapel. It's the craziest thing, but it's one of the coolest churches I have ever been to! I loved meeting with the members, and I honestly felt like I was spiritually recharged after going through so much negativity the first couple of days.
I love you all, and hope to hear from you. Please write letters to:
Elder Crandell
1 Oak Terrace Apt 106
Somerville MA 02143
Elder Crandell


  1. Mason, Kristen Neus here! Remember me? My brother in law served in Boston! He said you're gonna fall in love with the city! That the people are a different bread than us Arizonan's, but they've got heart...and a lot of it! Wishing you lots of success and fun out there!

  2. Hi Elder Crandell,

    Nice to see you are in the Boston area. I grew up in a small Ohio town, and when I first moved to Boston, the natives here seemed radically different from the laid-back, friendly Ohio folks I was used to. But I got used to it in time and the people seem fine to me now. There are plenty of religious people around here too, although this is definitely not the Bible belt!

    The first Mormon missionaries I ever met were serving in Ohio, and one of them was from Mesa, Arizona.

    Who knows, maybe I'll run into you and your companion someday.

    With best wishes,