Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello everyone! Another fantastic week in the Weston 1st Ward. We found a bunch of new people who are interested in hearing from us missionaries; things are really working out well at the moment. I seriously don't understand how we were able to have so many good things fall right into place for us, it's almost like we just sat there while all of these things happened around us. This ward is great, and I'm excited for next week.
During a lesson a few days ago, a man we were teaching was saying that his wife (who was seated in the room with us) needed to quit smoking and drinking. Then he said to his wife, "I will become a priest holder and save you from your apostasy", and I just about died from laughing because he said it so sarcastically. It might not be exactly correct the way that he had phrased it (should be priesthood holder), but it was very unexpected. What was crazy about it was that this was only the second time we had met, and we hadn't talked too much about men receiving the priesthood except for when Joseph Smith had received it. Apparently he had read all of the pamphlet that we had given him, and somehow he had put it all together that way- that the world was living in apostasy, and that the priesthood was restored to put an end to apostate traditions. It was fantastic, and I've found that laughing and joking with investigators has made for some of my favorite moments in the mission. I love New Englanders, and I feel like I am becoming one of them.
Serving this mission has been the best experience in my life. I love sharing my beliefs with others, and I've learned many things about people in general (sometimes the hard way). I know that Jesus Christ lived and died for us, and that's why I'm here in Massachusetts.
Elder Crandell

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