Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello everyone! We had an awesome week here in the Weston 1st Ward. Ani Miranda got baptized on Sunday! The service was excellent, lots of people showed up (including many nonmembers from her family and some of the people we have been teaching). The Spirit of God, like a fire, was burning! We are very excited for Ani, she has a strong testimony of the restored gospel. She is a better Christian than me, that's how I feel.
General Conference was good, but it went by too quickly. I'm not sure how it happened, but suddenly I can watch 10 hours of talks within two days, and wish that there was more. Staying wide awake during all of it is also astounding. In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed conference and feel a great desire to improve myself. That's the amazing thing about listening to the modern apostles and prophets, they give us messages from God.
One funny experience from this week came during a lesson with a man named Stephen, who we have been meeting with for about three months now. He joked that we weren't giving him all of the material that we read from, and insisted that we give him "Doctrines and Consequences", which is what he calls "Doctrine and Covenants". He jokes about how I'm going to write Doctrines and Consequences when I get older.
Wonderful week, I'm looking forward to the next one. Elder Yurevich and I found out that we will be staying together for another transfer! This will be three transfers together, it's kinda crazy. I'm excited to continue working with him, we have some good stuff happening here. Miracles happen, and God definitely provides a way for us to ease the burdens we have if we are looking for His help. Love you all!
Elder Crandell

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